2019 Enrolment

With 2019 lessons in full swing we have spent the past few weeks kicking everyone’s musical brains back into gear as its very easy to fall into lazy routines during school holidays. This year is set to be another big year for us and all our students and we have many more new things coming up this year such as getting set  up in local high schools as we have many primary school students transitioning into high school so to make things easier for students and parents we are now moving with their kids.

We are now also providing DJ lessons again after several years of taking hand of the DJ decks. We are now back onboard and in full swing with DJ group lessons down at some local schools already as there is quite a high demand coming from school kids. And with many more new and exciting things to come this year we a mentally preparing for and exceedingly busy but fun year for all of our students and us as well.

Due to everything that is now going on we are now limited with availability to if you are thinking of enrolling yourself or someone else please contact us sooner rather than later as our schedule can change quite dramatically in a very short time.

Please note that all new enquiries will be required to sit for a 15 minute assessment, this will allow us to know if there has been previous experience with music and if so what course of instructions will be suited. If no experience with music or any other instrument we will be able to judge what material will be needed for beginners. All assessments will take place with the first week of term 1 in 2018.

For enquiries and bookings please contact us via email lillian@piano-teacher-newcastle.com.au or call Kim/Lillian on (02)40233212 or 0401787997