2018 Enrolment

With 2017 lessons now officially finished, we will look forward to another year of hard work from all of our students and welcome new students into our musical family. Enquiries for 2018 should be made sooner rather than later as our timetables can change drastically over the Xmas holidays as we always have students moving from school to school or transitioning into high school which require changes to the timetables so don’t wait for too long to enquire about availability as it might be gone the next day.

Please note that all new enquiries will be required to sit for a 15 minute assessment, this will allow us to know if there has been previous experience with music and if so what course of instructions will be suited. If no experience with music or any other instrument we will be able to judge what material will be needed for beginners. All assessments will take place with the first week of term 1 in 2018.

For enquiries and bookings please contact us via email lillian@piano-teacher-newcastle.com.au or call Kim/Lillian on (02)402-33-212 or 0401-787-997