Our lesson structures are catered to guarantee that everyone has the ability to develop and learn the skills they need to become the best musician they can. We understand that everyone learns at different levels and have different skill levels which is why our lesson structures are created to enhance your learning while making sure that all aspects of your lesson is covered, from the basics to advanced. Our tutors will help you gain the knowledge and understanding of music that makes for a great musician.

Beginners lessons will consist of finger position on the keyboard, posture, note recognition on the stave, differences between treble and bass clef, time signatures and other basic formalities. Progress and familiarity comes through patience, perseverance and through time can grow into either a master musician or simply a musician for your own recreational pleasure.
For beginners it is more common to start off with very easy and very basic music consisting of single note playing allowing familiarisation of the keyboard, and notes as they are written on a score. Repetition of basic music then allows for a smoother transition into the next phase which is playing single notes but with two hands. As easy as it sounds it can be quite difficult for beginners as co-ordination of both hands either playing simultaneously and at different times can be very difficult when put to practice.

Lessons are conducted in private studio rooms free from external distractions, and consist of one on one tutoring to enhance the students understanding of music and playing skills. One on one lessons are important for learning the piano as it allows the student time to understand and familiarise themselves with a piano in a safe and stress free environment, free from the pressure of other students or family members.