Terms of Service

 Please read carefully, failure to understand studio policies may results in lesson suspension.


  • All lessons operate according to the school term of 10 weeks.
  • If a school term falls out of the 10 week period then all parents will be notified.

Lesson Time

  • The student’s lesson time that has been arranged by themselves or a parent/guardian, has been reserved for that student and must be paid for whether or not the lesson can or can not be attended.

Missed Lessons

  • If a lesson has been missed on the student’s part, it is then the student/parent’s responsibility to reschedule a catch up lesson.
  • If a lesson is cancelled on the teachers part, it is then the teacher’s responisibility to reschedule a catch up lesson.
  • If a suitable catch up lesson time can not be arranged after 2 attempts then the lesson will be forfeit unless the student can arrange a catch up lesson themselves within that term.


  • All students and/or parents will be invoiced at the beginning of each term and and fees must be paid within 3 WEEKS.
  • If fees are not paid within 3 weeks the teacher reserves the right to suspend lessons until accounts have been finalised.
  • All invoices will be made for the standard 10 week term with exception of a 9 or 11 week term in which all parents will be notified.
  • Students/parents are NOT to adjust invoices themselves.

Public Holidays

  • If a student’s lesson falls on a public holiday they are expected to attend the lesson as it has already been paid for.
  • If on the public holiday the student(s) can not attend, they must give at least 24 hours notice and reschedule a catch up lesson.

School Holidays

  •  Lillian’s Piano Studio is not open for lessons during school holidays.

Exam Students

  • All students studying for exams must attend every lesson until the exam is attended.
  • If any student studying for exams misses a lesson they must reschedule a lesson within that term.
  • No exam student may forfeit a missed lesson, catch up lessons MUST me rescheduled.

Students Who Fall Sick

  • All students who are sick on the day of their lesson must not attend the lesson to prevent germs and viruses spreading.
  • Any student who has a sibling or immediate family sick must notify the teacher and either cancel the lessons and organise a catch up lesson, or have all family members remain outside of the studio whilst waiting for lessons to finish.
  • It is everyones responsibility to ensure the studio remains as germ and virus free as possible by not bringing sick family members into the studio. All missed lessons can be made up at a later date. (refer to Missed Lessons).